Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paper Scrapping has my Heart

I've done so many things with scrapbooking, and it has been an adventure. But I always come back to paper scrapping, and to the hybrid part of digital scrapping, so at this point, it is time to decide, yes, paper is my passion! I have an unbelievable amount of stash (yes, truly, I think my DH is shocked to see it all) and it's time to settle back into the paper grove and use it.

With the kids all moved out and living lives of their own, I had been scrapping much less and playing more. I've done cards, built boxes, and made my own shadowboxes. I've trolled the internet and watched uncountable videos on youtube.

This morning I found a site where they swap. They swap everything from raw supplies to charms and tags to mini albums and altered frames. They create a REASON to scrap for the sake of the art, to do it because you love it, and know that what you create will go to a loving home. But you just never know with these sites. There are an incredible number of them out there, some neglected, some just trying to sell you their product, some there for no reason I can figure except as a place to park advertising. This site looked different. However, I could only see their home page. To get deeper into the site, read their forums and see their swaps, you have to join. Well, it's free, so I took a chance and created a profile, then trolled around some more waiting to be approved. First let me say, they were quick. Not an hour passed before I got an email from them and was able to access the site. And what a find!

The name of the site is Mini Album Scraps, but that only touches the surface. They run several types of swaps at all times, I found several that looked very interesting to me. As I was reading I realized that logging into the site had logged me into their chat as well. Not one to pass up a chance to meet new people, I dropped into the room and said hello. I received several replies, lots of offers of help with any area of the site, and was quickly pulled into the conversation. Now, I have been a member at scrapbooking sites before, but I can honestly say this is the first time I ever felt so at home and wanted on my very first visit.

After a bit of conversation and some encouragement from several people to jump in and join a swap, I am thinking it is the thing to do. I've decided to revive my poor abandoned blog (got to have a place to post photos and talk about things), pull out my stash and play along.

If anyone is interested, you can check out Mini Album Scraps and who knows, you might just find it as friendly and comfortable a place as I did.

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